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Night Drop Box Instructions

If you need to drop your car off after our normal business hours, please download and complete our After Hours Drop Off Form. Once completed, slip it into our Night Drop Box with your key. Thank You
-Mikey Y


Monday - Friday:  8am to 5pm

        Saturday:      8am to 2pm 

Drop Off Location Map Below.
Please Only Park in the Designated Section or Your Car May Be Towed

Night Drop

Car Care Tip of the day

How can I tell if my automotive / car engine coolant is OK? For the proper car care or service / repair? Houston,Tx

It is impossible to determine the condition of the auto-car coolant in the radiator just by looking at it. Coolant, a mixture of ethylene glycol and water, breaks down with age, picks up contaminants that cause sludge, and becomes acidic. When this happens, it can cause the auto-car to corrode within the radiator and cooling passages of the engine. To determine its condition, engine coolant must be checked with coolant test strips that measure PH balance. The auto-car coolant is an environmentally hazardous substance. It pollutes the water table and is poisonous to people and animals and therefore must be disposed of as a hazardous waste. Your auto-car mechanic has special tools and procedures for testing and changing auto coolant.

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This is the place to go they can fix and diagnose anything. My husband and my kids all go there cause he fair and upfront.

-Tonya Washington

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