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Did you Know?25 Years in Operation

We've been repairing cars for over 25 years! That's about a quarter of a century. Most shops can't keep up with automobile technology in that span of time. Midtown Auto Service is special in the fact that it prides itself with the most advanced training for our service representatives.

Convenient Location Near Downtown

Our centralized location means you can bring your vehicle for quick repairs during the day and get a ride back to work. The whole point of owning a car is to get to work, isn't it? We work with your insurance company to get a rental car to you here as soon as possible.

Could All These Folks on CitySearch Be Wrong?

CitySearch 5 starsReviews are gathered over a period of time, not all at once. Therefore, consistently awesome service is required in order to reach 5 out of 5 stars.

Our feedback is as old as Citysearch itself, and we pride ourselves in being the Best of Citysearch for Auto Mechanic and Auto Repair.

Car Care Tip of the day

Automotive / Car Ignition Key Will Not Turn Houston,Tx

1. You may have engaged the anti-theft rod or steering wheel lock in the steering column. Generally this happens when you turn your car off with the wheels cut hard in either direction. You can generally remedy this problem by "jiggling" the steering wheel right and left while attempting to turn the key. 2. The key is bent or otherwise damaged. Take a good look at your key to insure that it is not bent, cracked, chiped, or damaged in any way. If it is, try starting the car with an alternate key. (You do have more than one key for your car right?) In a pinch, you may also be able to repair a slightly bent key by squeezing it flat in a vice. 3. The ignition lock cylinder is shot. Over time ignition locks can wear out. You will note a bad lock cylinder because the lock will be difficult to turn with any key and often will not turn at all. As a quick remedy, you can try a bit of penetrating oil (WD-40 or similar) inside the cylinder and on the key, but this is likely only a temporary solution. At some point you will need to replace the cylinder. (The sooner the better.)

Featured Testimonial

My family and I have visited Mikey's shop since 1994. I personally have seen the blessings Mikey's shop has under gone. When I first start coming to his shop, he only had 3 bays and it was quite old looking.. Now, he has built it up to a 7 bay up-to-date shop with all the newest and greatest equipments. He has always been truthful and upcoming to my family and I. Which, I found that honarable in a business man. I mention these things because soon I'll be leaving out of state for work. Though, I can find another mechanic shop in the state I'm going to, but believe me, probably not the same service I received with Mikey. I give Mikey an "A" for effort and satisfaction of work.


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